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Overview: Immersive Virtual Reality 

Welcome to the KDE IVR training resources page! The following presentation by Dr. Shannon Putman describes how the use of virtual reality can leverage instruction and enhance student learning in schools throughout the state of Kentucky.

The Quick Start section serves as a how-to guide for users getting started with their Quest 2 headset, including:


  • Instructions on setting up a guardian and defining a boundary to ensure the safety of users.

  • Steps to access and launch pre-loaded apps and videos.

  • How to use the reset button to recenter your view.

  • Overview of the KDE IVR partners and how to use their apps and 360 videos.

Do you have your Manage XR account set up? If not, please email

@Putman Consulting to complete this step.

Quick Start

You recieved your headsets... now what? Watch this video to learn more.

Power up the headset and position it on your head.
Use hand controller safety straps.
Set up a guardian boundary.
Select and launch apps or videos.
Use the reset button to recenter your view.

How-to Power up and Equip your Headset

1 / Set-up your Quest 2 headset


Familiarize yourself with device hardware.


Connect USB-C charger into the left side of the device. Charge until the LED light turns green.


Press and hold the power button.


Familiarize yourself with hand controller buttons. 


Connect to Wi-Fi and create guardian boundary.


If prompted in headset, run updates.


For additional information on getting started with your Quest 2 headset, refer to this article and comprehensive video from Meta.

2 / Using the Hand Controller Safety Straps


Use the adjustable safety lanyard included with your controllers to prevent accidentally dropping them. 


Slide each safety lanyard over wrists and adjust as needed.

3 / Setting up Guardian or "Boundary"

For your device to work properly, you must set up a “guardian,” a virtual safety feature for VR users. The guardian helps your device calibrate, track, and determine where you are standing (or sitting) in relation to both the floor and objects in your surrounding area. The guardian works best with a 6.5 ft x 6.5 ft or larger “play area” called a boundary. Moving beyond the boundary of any guardian triggers a blue, glowing mesh wall, and any areas in red indicate that you’ve reached the outer limit of the defined space. You won’t be able to operate or move as expected until you move toward the center of the boundary or create a new guardian as space allows. The same is true if you move to a new building or a different location. You can recreate the guardian and draw a new boundary as often as you like, but always ensure enough space to operate safely.

There are two types of boundaries: the default called "Roomscale", designed for those standing, and "Stationary", better suited for those seated. 


From within the headset, click the “Boundary Settings” icon on the right side of the system tray below the apps and videos library.  Hovering your laser pointer over any icon pops up a handy text label to help identify the name of each icon. 

ManageXR Home Screen Boundary Settings.png


Confirm the floor level by looking down and lowering your controller until the virtual grid meets the floor.   

  • If the grid is not at ground level, click “Redo” 

  • If the grid is at ground level, click “Confirm”  

Confirm Floor Level 1.jpg


Draw and define your boundary by pulling and holding the trigger on one of the controllers. Draw a minimum 6.5 ft circle or space around you, letting go of the trigger when you’ve connected the starting point to the ending point.

  • Click “Confirm” to accept the defined space 

  • Click “Change” to redraw the boundary until you are satisfied 

Playspace_2 (1).jpg

How to Create a Roomscale Boundary 


Within the headset, click the “Boundary Settings” icon on the right side of the system tray below the apps and videos library.  Hovering your laser pointer over any icon pops up a handy text label to help identify the name of each icon. 

ManageXR Home Screen Boundary Settings.png


Confirm the floor level by looking down and lowering your controller until the virtual grid meets the floor.   

  • If the virtual grid is not at ground level, click the “Redo” button  

  • If the grid is at ground level, click the “Confirm” button 

Confirm Floor Level 1.jpg


Select “Switch to a stationary boundary” using the laser pointer on your controller.  

  • A stationary boundary assumes you will be seated and not moving from a seated position.

Stationary Boundry.1.jpg


Using your laser pointer click the “Confirm” button. A predefined boundary will encircle the area around you, and all VR experiences will be adjusted accordingly. 

Stationary_Confirm Floor Level.jpg

How to Create a Stationary Boundary 

Additional resources on setting up a guardian and boundaries:

How-to Access and Launch Apps

With the unit powered on, securely place the headset on your head and over your eyes. You will see the home screen with a library of available apps and videos to explore. Use the following steps to launch or exit an app or video:


Pick up each controller and place your hand around the safety lanyards so they rest comfortably on your wrist. 


Using either controller, direct the laser pointer at an app or video tile and pull the trigger button located by your index finger to launch it.


To restart or exit an app or video, click the Oculus button on the right controller, located by your right thumb.

  • ​Select “Restart” or “Exit to Home” using the trigger button by your index finger 

ManageXR Home Screen.png

Using the Reset View Button

Over time, you may find that the orientation of what you view in VR is no longer correct compared to when you first put on the headset. This happens frequently as we tend to move around when we interact within VR. To reset and recenter the view: 


Press and hold the Oculus button on the right hand controller 

  • Position your head and eyes facing where you want the view to be reset and recentered.

  • You will see an animated Oculus icon with a circular line moving counter-clockwise, at which point your view will be reset and recentered.

  • Repeat as often as necessary.

Time and Date (1).jpg



CareerViewXR is an immersive platform that brings a school field trips and job shadow experiences! Using 360° media, CareerViewXR produces interactive web-based tours and companion virtual reality videos that get viewers into the heart of a career. Students and job seekers love getting up close and personal with our experiences, having fun, and learning about high-demand industries, such as health care, skilled trades, energy, and more.

To gain access additional career exploration videos and have them loaded onto your device, jump to this section about requesting configurations.

Quick Start Resources: Quest-Based 
Video Tutorial: Getting Started
Quest Headset Video Controls

Use your controller to adjust video controls and enhance your experience. To help you better understand the functionality of each button, here is a brief description of what they do. 

Rewind 10 seconds: Rewind the video 10 seconds with each click of the button 

Pause: Pauses or play the video 

Forward 10 seconds: Advance the video 10 seconds with each click of the button 

Time: Displays both the elapsed time and the total duration of the video 

Play bar: To jump to a specific part in the video, click on the play bar and move it to the desired position. 

Volume: Click to mute or slide the volume up or down to your preferred level 

Exit to home screen: Exit the video and return to the home screen 

Quick Start Resources: Web-based 

Click below to open the CareerView Quick Start Guide for the web-based experiences. (a PDF will open in a new tab and can be downloaded).



ENGAGE is an award-winning XR technology company and provider of virtual communications solutions within the metaverse. ENGAGE’s platform is the most advanced virtual reality platform designed for professionals, event organizers, corporations, and educators to build their own virtual worlds.

Quick Start Resources
Video Tutorial: Create your Avatar
Video Tutorial: Start a Session



ManageXR is your easy-to-use VR deployment platform. On our platform, you will find and deploy your content, connect to wifi, customize your settings, and monitor and troubleshoot devices in real-time. A distraction-free, focused, and safe VR learning environment starts here!

Quick Start Resources
Do you have your Manage XR account set up? If not, please email @Putman Consulting to complete this step.

Navigating your Home Screen Video Tutorial

Analytics Dashboard and Charts

To evaluate how your devices are being used, visit the Analytics Dashboard.


ManageXR tracks your device fleet's activity to provide insights into which apps are used, when they were used, and for how long they were used. This data is collected for both online and offline devices. If a device is not online, it will collect data to upload the next time it comes online. 

Your Analytics Dashboard comes with three pre-configured charts:

  • Devices Online shows you how many devices were used on any given day.

  • App Activity shows you how much time has been spent in each of your apps over the period.

  • Configuration Activity shows you how much time has been spent in VR, grouped by the configuration applied to those active devices.​

Note: An app is only considered "in use" while the headset is active. Once the headset goes to idle/sleep, the app is considered not in use and will no longer count towards active use time.

Access Additional Content Configurations

Your Oculus headsets were shipped using a default configuration of apps and 360 videos designed to enhance teaching and learning. However, custom configurations with additional 360 video content from CareerViewXR can be applied to as many devices as you like. The following career path categories are available for custom configurations:

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources 

Swine Facility 

Dairy Farm 

Architecture & Construction

Wind Turbine Operation Underground Plumber Sprinkler Fitter Sheet Metal Apprenticeship Bricklayer Routine Power Outage Carpenter Precast Installation Plumber Pipefitter Concrete Worker Construction Project Manager Painters Operating Engineer Laborer Ironworker Insulator HVAC Technician Elevator Constructors Electricians

Arts, Technology & Communications 

Fiber Optic Technician 

Custom Sign Printing Shop 

Health Science

Veterinarian Same Day Surgery Rural Emergency Room Respiratory Therapist Registered Nurse Radiologic Technologist Central Sterile Technician Clinical Lab Technician Healthcare Overview Emergency Room Dental Assistant Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Education & Training 

Secondary Education Teacher

Law, Public Safety, Corrections, & Security 

911 Operator Sheriff's Deputy Rural Ambulance Services Police Officer Paramedic Criminal Investigation First Responder Overview


Welding Aggregate Technician Skilled Trades Overview Baker (Food Manufacturing) Precision Machining & Mold Making Computer Hardware & IT Meat Cutter Ethanol Production Plant Custom Van Shop

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Petroleum Engineer

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics 

Tire Industry Automotive Technician Parts Person Heavy Equipment Operator Diversion Project Diesel Technician (Heavy Equipment) Diesel Technician (Agricultural)



Welcome to the XReps Cognitive Drills Virtual Reality platform, where modern VR technology meets cognitive training. Step into a detailed virtual environment designed to enhance your mental skills and improve reflexes. With XReps, brain training is not just effective—it's engaging. Experience a new dimension of cognitive development at your own pace and see the difference it makes. Welcome to the future of brain fitness.

Quick Start Resources
Quick Start Video Tutorial
Quick Start Guide

XR Guru


XR Guru is the most extensive online virtual reality training and educational content marketplace. Our library of 800+ unique topics includes heavy equipment operations, hands-on safety training, and immersive soft skills development. Upon accessing the default home screen, you can explore three fully interactive XR Guru apps:

  • Boom Lift Safety & Operation

  • Human Anatomy 

  • Pneumatic Handheld Tools

Live Webinar Schedule

Click the link below to access the recording of a live training webinar.

Educator Collaboration & Best Practices

Welcome Educators! This is our space to collaborate, share ideas, vent if need be, and work together to ensure the success of everyone involved in this project. 

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